Kids’ stuff

Free projects for kids at Home Depot stores

Free hands-on projects for youngsters are offered the first Saturday of the month at participating Home Depot stores. Register on the Home Depot website. Participants receive a Kids Workshop apron and keep their projects. The activities are designed for youngsters ages 5 to 12.

Earn free book with Barnes & Noble kids’ reading program

Several reading programs for kids offer rewards for participants. Barnes & Noble stores offer a free book. Participants read eight books  and write some information about them in a reading journal that may be printed from the Barnes & Noble website. Submit the information at a store by September 3 and participants are permitted to pick a free book from… Read more »

Free activities for kids at Lowe’s

Parents interested in free kids’ workshops at Lowe’s should register their youngsters early. Hands-on activities tend to book up at some stores. Information and registration is available online at the Lowe’s website.

henry cole

See Henry Cole at the BookMark

Reknowned children’s author and illustrator Henry Cole will be speaking with visitors and signing copies of his latest book, Unspoken: A Story of the Underground Railroad, at the BookMark in Neptune Beach, Wednesday, February 20 at 7 p.m. This Florida Book Award winner is very popular so come early and bring the kids.

adventure landing

Get a Deal on Winterfest

Adventure Landing’s Winterfest is the coolest deal in Jacksonville Beach.  Admission to the icy, snowy wonderland is free if all you want to do is stroll, but now you can buy discounted season passes for $39.99 per person that allow unlimited ice skating and ice sliding through January 13.  Or, if you just want to sample the fun, get online coupons… Read more »

Dentists buy back Halloween candy

Various dentists and orthodontists  in South Florida are participating in a nationwide program to buy back Halloween treats from kids. The program offers kids a reward — sometimes money, toothbrushes or other gifts — for the sugary bars. Sweets dentists rake in are forwarded in to U.S. military troops. Participating dentists establish their own guidelines on when they accept candy… Read more »